Motion Scribe

By | October 14, 2013


Our first product (Motion Scribe) focuses on running – Patent Pending.

It is a small, lightweight device that you affix to the rear of your shoe.

The user interface follows our goal of minimal interaction – just run !
When you get done – your Scribe automatically uploads your data via your
mobile phone to the Web where you can review all the cool stuff that it collected.

Traditional running footpods have focused on the basics (speed, distance, stride-rate).
We take a much deeper dive into understanding the kinematics of how you run. Our goal
is to give you the tools to see things like how you pronate, how your stride changes when
you speed up, why running in your lightweight racing flats ‘feel’ different than your
training shoes … and that’s only the beginning !

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Thanks !
- The Scribe Labs Team